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07-Apr-2016 22:09

The hook itself is a small python script, which hooks into ‘Whostmgr:: Accounts:: Create’, reads the data from stdin to get information from the accounts getting created in cpanel, it generates a awstats config file in the users home directory, which will get loaded for that specific user.By default cpanel doesn’t allow custom configuration for awstats, which means you need to log into WHM, go to ‘Statistics Software Configuration’ and enable ‘Awstats include file’.Since we’re running nginx in front of Apache this means, it’s only the time spend in the proxy itself, so all dynamic processing will still be handled by apache. The code below is the hook you need to save to /opt/makeawstats/makeawstats.py: #!/usr/bin/python import sys, os raw Data = sys.stdin.readlines() hookdata = eval(raw Data[0].replace(':null', ': None')) data = hookdata['data'] username = data['user'] if not exists('/home/%s/tmp/awstats' % username): os.makedirs('/home/%s/tmp/awstats' % username) f = open('/home/%s/tmp/awstats/include' % username, 'w') f.write('Log Format="%host %other %logname %time1 %methodurl %code %bytesd %refererquot %uaquot %extra1"\n') f.write('Extra Section Name1="Time to serve requests (seconds)"\n') f.write('Extra Section Code Filter1=""\n') f.write('Extra Section First Column Title1="Number of seconds to serve the request"\n') f.write('Extra Section First Column Values1="extra1,(.*)"\n') f.write('Extra Section Stat Types1="H"\n') f.write('Extra Tracked Rows Limit=100000\n') f.close() if exists('/home/%s/tmp/awstats' % username): os.system('chown -R %s:%s /home/%s/tmp/awstats' % (username, username, username)) The code reads stdin, replaces :null with : None.

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One of the nice things about c Panel based servers is the way that they keep the location of key files in the same place across all of the various c Panel versions.

All http traffic to a site will be logged in this log file.

Default location of domlogs in c Panel : Domlogs folder growing very fast when you have many domains in your c Panel or very big traffic websites on your server.

Within the domlogs folder each site on the server will have its own log file.

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These files will be the fully qualified domain name for the domain, ie domain.com, /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/english/webalizer -N 10 -D /home/username/tmp/webalizer/dns_-R 250 -p -n domain.com-o /home/username/tmp/webalizer /usr/local/apache/domlogs/Note : Replace username equal to correct username and equal to correct domain name.

When this happens, obviously you won’t be able to ping the system on the network, but you will also likely see cloud-init hang because it cannot contact the metadata server.… continue reading »

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